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Relational Words

One way of including more voices and accounts of relational work, thought and practice is to extend the forms of writing about our work. We are not all suited to or practiced in writing formal papers. This can be limiting and exclusionary. So we want to offer a space to come and ‘play’ with writing forms as a way of engaging with relational thought and practice. This could lead to some kind of electronic publication (pdf) that could be shared within TRS as well as something you do solely for yourself or use as a supervisory tool. This space will offer an opportunity to explore ways into writing about your work and thinking – be it through poetry, flash clinical fact/fiction, list making amongst other options.  Bring pen, paper, lap top. As a start we will begin by drawing on some of the ideas in Structure and Spontaneity in Clinical Prose by Suzi Naiburg.

Date: TBC
Venue: TBC.

Reserving a place:  please let Jane know of your interest and if there is enough interest we will organise a date and space.   therelationalschool@gmail.com

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Writing into the Wake

Following on from the seminar on White Psychosis and The Wake, this workshop will be an opportunity to ‘write into the wake’ using practices and guidance from creative writing for therapeutic purposes.  There will be two short texts to read in preparation for the workshop.

Writer Foluke Taylor will facilitate the workshop.

Date: TBC  March.
Venue: TBC.

Reserving a place:  TBC