Thursday Day Time

Practitioner: Helen Weighell  Website: Contact: Availability: Monday and Thursday mornings

Practitioner:  Ruth Calland  Website:  Contact me via:  Availabililty: Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings 

Practitioner: Simon Rudd  Website:  Contact me  Availabililty:  Thurs AM

Practitioner: Zoe Hassid  Website: Contact me  Availabililty: Thursday mornings

Practitioner: Annie Gerald-Webb Website:
Contact me via: my website  Availability: Monday 8am-11 am, Thursday 8am-12 noon 

Practitioner:  Nicola Wyld Website: Contact me via: Availability: Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons

Practitioner: Digna Patel Contact email: Availability: Thursday after 3pm and Fridays 

Practitioner: Eva Kurz Website: me via:  Availability: Monday and Thursday afternoon.

Practitoner: Phil Lapworth Website:  Contact: Availability:   Thursday morning or afternoon.

Practitioner: Tamar Posner Website: Contact me via: info@tamarposner.comAvailability: Monday evening, Wednesday morning/afternoon, Thursday afternoon

Practitioner: Dr Eiman Hussein Website: Contact info: Availability: Thursday & possibly Fridays. 

Practitioner: Niki Reeves Website: VSee (free to use and completely confidential Skype like platform) nikireeves@icloud.comAvailability:  Thursday day time.