Tuesday Day Time

Practitioner: Els van Ooijen Website: www.nepenthe.org.uk Contact me via: els@nepenthe.org.uk  Availabililty: Tuesday mornings, wednesday afternoons

Practitioner:  Nicola Wyld Website: www.nicolawyldtherapist.co.uk Contact me via: nicola.wyld@zen.co.uk Availability: Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons

Practitioner: Jorinda Barnbrook Website: https://www.bacp.co.uk/profile/57410680-5290-e711-80e8-3863bb351d40/Therapist Contact me via: Jorindabarnbrook@gmail.com Availability: Tuesday and Friday mornings 

Practitioner: Pretish Raja-Helm Website: www.raja-helm.com Contact me via: raja-helm@mail.com Availabililty: Tuesday mornings

Practitioner: Tony Buckley  Website: www.sensorimotor.org Contact me via: t.buckley@sensorimotor.org Availability:  Tue, Wed 1-2pm or between 6 and 8pm.

Practitionner : Catherine Daga-Jeanperrin
Website:https://www.bacp.co.uk/profile/b8a2e102-5090-e711-80e8-3863bb349ac0/therapist Contact me via: cdj.therapy@gmail.com
Availability : daytime Tuesday
I speak French and English