We See You & We Hear You NHS Staff & Key Workers

An online psychological support initiative for NHS staff and key workers engaged with and impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  

The Relational School is a community of counsellors and psychotherapists who wish to offer their support during the COVID-19 outbreak. All practitioners are qualified, insured and registered with relevant membership organisations. GDPR (privacy) regulations are also taken care of by each practitioner.

The sessions aim to provide psychological first aid rather than trauma therapy or on going psychotherapy. The service is free and available to NHS staff as well as key workers who are impacted by this on going situation and need some space to deal with the impact. The therapist will offer upto 5 sessions for dealing with the immediacy and aftermath of this on going situation.

This will be an opportunity to speak with someone outside of your professional/family network confidentially, someone who can bear to hear how it is and has been for you. We recognise that a range of challenges are being faced both personally and professionally, that resources are stretched and that for some of you a hostile environment exists where racism and xenophobia are also contended with in your daily work. We see you.

Together we can look for ways to enhance individual resources and explore how to cope with the challenges. As an expression of our solidarity we wish to make our skills available to you.

The practitioner will speak with you about how to best make contact and set up on line or phone sessions.


Online or phone sessions with dates and times to be agreed upon with the practitioner will be up to 50 or 60 minute sessions. We understand that there will need to be flexibility given your work rhythms as well as what will be best for you at this time.  

 Whilst this situation is both ongoing and changing everyday, there is a need for safe, confidential, human connection with a person trained and practised in listening, hearing, bearing witness, and supporting you to navigate the realities you are facing in and out of work. Understanding the impact of acute situations on you at this time can act as a support, alongside some ideas that will assist in recognising your existing resources and supporting your resilience.

How to access a therapist:  you will find a list of practitioners here with stated availability on particular days and times of day so as to provide prompt access. You can check out the practitioners websites and also get in touch to organise an appointment via their email address. If you have any questions you can reach us via email trschair@gmail.com

Support for Deaf and BSL users in the NHS & Key Workers with

Deaf 4 Deaf wishes to offer services to Deaf and BSL users that work in the NHS. We have a team of 12 counsellors Contact via: Victoria.nelson@deaf4deaf.com for any deaf people that need support. 


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Useful resources

You can find a lot of useful resources here at First You too.