Lyn French

Therapeutic Practice in Schools: Working with the Child Within edited by Lyn French & Reva Klein (Routledge 2012)

Therapeutic Practice in Schools: Vol 2 The Contemporary Adolescent edited by Lyn French & Reva Klein (Routledge 2014)

Boxed Sets of Emotional Learning Cards with text written by Lyn French and co-published by A Space with the Institute of International Visual Arts: These sets feature artwork by internationally known culturally diverse artists such as Ai Wei Wei, Anish Kapoor, Yinka Shonibare and Yayoi Kusama as well as emerging artists along with psychologically and emotionally resonant commentary and questions designed to facilitate personal exploration:

Set 1: What do you feel?

Set 2: Who are you? Where are you going?

Set 3: How do we live well with others?

Set 4: The A to Z of Emotions (out Dec 2014)

Set 5: What makes relationships intimate? (out April 2014)

Read Lyn French’s blog and visit for more information on these resources + free worksheets & exercises to download for use in therapy groups or individual sessions.