Jon Blend

Jon Blend

A Chapter ( No.12 ) entitled , Am I Bovvered? in Relational Child, Relational Brain, Harris N & Lee R (eds), 2011, Gestalt Press, Routledge Taylor & Francis.
[link to an extended version of the 2007 BGJ article of the same title attached.

Articles a) on on stepfamilies (BACP’s CCYP journal)

b) on music making in therapy ( IGJ, 2010)
I Stand Up Next To A Mountain: Adolescence, Anger and the Abyss. (a keynote lecture delivered to Friends of the British Gestalt Journal in 2008).

“Witnessed Improvised Diaspora Journey Enactments: an experiential method for exploring refugee history.” Jon Blend & Roz Carroll  Jewish Historical Studies,2020 v 51  pp 246- 266 

 “Goodbye to Violet” Violet Oaklander Obituary, British Gestalt Journal ,V 30,(2) 2021

Jon Blend MA, Dip Psych, Dip Child, CQSW  (he/him/his [why?])
Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist (UKCP & EAP reg.), Clinical  Supervisor & Lifemusic Practitioner. Faculty IATE, London, (Wellbeing);Visiting trainer NESTT, Yorkshire & Pathways, Manchester; Guest trainer and member ,Violet  Oaklander Foundation USA; Principal: Gazebo Training School, London.  Tel 020 8992 1982. For nine articles and training information visit:
“All children are born with the capacity to develop and use all of the aspects of the organism to live healthy, productive, joyful lives. We know that trauma interrupts the healthy development of the child. There are also some very basic developmental aspects that can further thwart healthy development. An understanding of these hindrances is the first step toward helping children heal.”
Dr. Violet Oaklander(1927-2021)