Susie Orbach


Susie Orbach, Bodies (new edition) Profile 2019

Jacket Copy:

Sex dolls, AI, designer wombs, pregnancy in your 50s, cryonics, men’s cosmetics, labiaplasty, and hedge funds investing in eating disorder clinics: the territory of the body is changing. The future seems to promise designer bodies and morphological ‘freedom’.

But the body is still where we live, and it is in trouble. Girls as young as six play with cosmetic surgery apps. Men take steroids and compromise their fertility. Compulsive exercise, unproven wellness trends, and growing epidemics of cutting, anorexia, bulimia and trouble eating tell us that the body is under extreme assault.

In this updated edition of the international bestseller, Susie Orbach applies he thesis to the developments in the war on our bodies. We can no longer accept ourselves as we are, but must work to manufacture a body. And body distress is causing mental distress. Now, more than ever, we need a new approach to this devastating problem.

Susie Orbach, In Therapy – The Unfolding Story Profile London 2018

Jacket copy:

Worldwide, an increasingly diverse and growing number of people are seeking therapy. We got to address past traumas, to break patterns of behaviour, to confront eating disorders or addition, to talk about relationships, or simply because we want to find out more about ourselves.

Susie Orbach has been a psychotherapist for over forty years. Also a million-copy bestselling author, The New York Times called her the ‘most famous psychotherapist to have set up couch in Britain since Sigmund Freud’. Here, she explores what goes on in the process of therapy through a series of dramatised case studies.

Insightful and honest about a process often necessarily shrouded in secrecy, In Therapy: The Unfolding Story is an essential read for those curious about, or considering entering, therapy. This complete edition takes us deeper into the world of therapy, with 13 further sessions and a new introduction.

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